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Hard Rock Lunch Box: #291 [03/28/2019] Music from Nothing More, CrazyEightyEight, MeMyOwnSelf, Mile Marker Zero, Sweet Tooth, Ignite The Fire, Jackknife Stiletto, Maybe Later, The Nearly Deads, Craving Strange and MORE!

Mar 28, 2019

This week on the BOX...   

DJ talks about last night's show at AMH.  He wonders what the responsibility of venues really is in terms of providing a good experience for not only the fan and patron, but the bands as well - at least in terms of keeping them coming back for bigger and better shows.

He talks about his new...

Hard Rock Lunch Box: #289 [03/14/2019] Music from CrazyEightyEight, The Muckrakers, Bobaflex, Know Your Enemy, Dino Skatepark, Protest the Hero, Ballyhoo!, Scared20, Self Portraits, Sam Pollet, Jimmy's Blue Notebook and MORE!

Mar 15, 2019

This week on the BOX...   

DJ talks social media for bands.  It's less of a listing of "dos and don'ts" and more of what 'feels right' to be doing and knowing 'hardcore porn' when he sees it. (You'll have to listen to understand that one...)

He talks about how some bands just can't seem to get enough of sucking their...

Hard Rock Lunch Box: #288 [03/07/2019] Music from Deftones, Nothing More, Know Your Enemy, The Nearly Deads, Eye on Attraction, Ballyhoo!, Vigil Antics, LTOB, MeMyOwnSelf, Craving Strange and MORE!

Mar 7, 2019

This week on the BOX...   

DJ drops some quick medical updates as well as some R9 developments.  Somehow, that morphs into how he uses live shows like a silent writing partner. And also the difference between medicare for all and a "for profit" health care system.  So clearly, he's on point today.

(Eventually) He talks...