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Jun 22, 2018

This week on the BOX...  DJ is annoyed by the small-mindedness of people.

He talks about how evolving an idea is how intelligent people work and how people that argue something without facts, and believe something simply because they refuse to listen to an opposing point of view, are the ones that will doom the human race to fail.  He wants to know where integrity and compassion have gone, and why he keeps seeing Irish surnames next to anti-immigrant posts on FB.  He also points out that the attendance at the last NUTUYU show was poor, if not downright "bleak", but is quick to point out that it was probably the all-around best of the NUTUYU events so far and the losers really are the ones that missed it.  He wonders if people aren't willing to put in the effort, what shows are even worth the trouble anymore, why dairy can mess with your backing vocals and how he got brown "stuff" all over his hand the other night.

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.

Music from Wage War, Maybe Later, Dance Gavin Dance, Against Me!, This Crooked Home, Deftones, Craving Strange, Times Like These and MORE!