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Oct 4, 2018

This week on the BOX...  DJ is back in the gym!

DJ talks about how hard it's been lately to make "simple changes" and wonders if maybe bigger and more disruptive alterations are the way to go.  He says he's tired of seeing pictures of himself and hearing himself "breathe" but there's no way he can just make himself "do a few pushups", ever, let alone a few times per day, so on to the gym it is.

Since there's nothing but colorful people at the gym with him, DJ has no shortage of stories for you, and he's only TWO days in.  He tells the ladies what kind of pants to NOT wear, wonders why trainers are fatter than the clients and is simply blown away by "Black Artie".

Why cats are a-holes, how to get a pig, Andy is at the DMV, next week's LI Rock: Unplugged and MORE!  

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.

Music from Secrets, Vaeda, Brand New, All New Episode, I See Stars, Last Turn Off Broadway, Deftones, Craving Strange and MORE!