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Aug 22, 2020

This week on the BOX...

DJ is beside himself with frustration towards the sub-geniuses on social media.  He's exhausted from trying to explain the -very simple- regulations that have been laid out in NY State regarding performing as a band and all but begs the audience to help spread some understanding to the ever-growing legions of the stupid.  He goes through the incredibly inflammatory - and inaccurate - "news" article out of Syracuse regarding ticketed shows, and tries to make the actual rules as "second-grade-reading-level" as possible for the cheap seats.

DJ also breaks down what he thinks is so great about "Unknown" from 10 Years and spends a little time with clips from the song to demonstrate why and how he thinks that.  And even offers up an alternative to anyone out there that can sing a little bit higher than he can, aka, "everybody".

Why parents can ruin everything, depression cycles, what actually won't sound good acoustic with Jimmy G and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

Sadly, the RIAA has slapped the BOX with a warning about using copywritten material without permission on the podcast replay, so you won't hear anything except direct submissions here anymore, but you can still catch all the music from the show when the BOX runs live, Thursdays at noon on