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Sep 26, 2020

This week on the BOX...

DJ has started doing interviews again.  The 'talk master general' has begun formal PR for "Do Know Harm" and managed to turn a 30 minute interview with Total Order Magazine into a 3 hour conversation.  He talks about his process of saying everything there is to say about a record at the start of a press campaign, all the while fine-tuning and simplifying that message until it's much more manageable by the time people are done wanting to hear about it.

DJ also has a big issue being lumped in with "we" especially if the ones saying the "we" stuff don't represent the "me" (or rather, "him") at all.  He stops the show to read a post or two from one of the local "leaders" of the #saveourstages movement and is frankly disgusted by what she has to say and how she says it.  He also points out that he will never align with that movement as long as they let people like that speak for him.

"Listening Experiences" on facebook, apples and idiots, why saying "never" regarding politics is just "never" smart and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

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