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Oct 17, 2020

This week on the BOX...

DJ wants to know why all the local cover and tribute bands are so #SOS quiet lately.  Actually that's not true - he totally know why, but now he wants YOU to know.  And he has absolutely no issue shining a light on just how selfish and self-centered those people can be, and "are".  Just one more victory for the #mefirst movement and the sh*t people in it. 

DJ also takes a minute to express some gratitude for the the band he's in.  He goes into some of the reasons that it's great to be in one, the hard parts about being "in charge" and how nice it is to finally be having a good time back at rehearsal after its incredibly long absence.

Why pizza should be first, Chris, Curt & Carl Bell, work ethic AF and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

Sadly, despite paying full royalties on the BOX, the RIAA "antipiracy" department has rules against using copyrighted material without permission on the podcast replay, so you won't hear anything except direct submissions here, but you can still catch all the music from the show when the BOX runs live, Thursdays at noon on