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Jan 29, 2021

This week on the BOX...

DJ is grateful... AF!  He talks about his (long-ass) interview the night before with The After Hours Review and thanks everyone within the sound of his voice for showing up and making it a success.  He also says he's trying (desperately) to take stock in the things around him - right now - and breathe it all in.  He says that having gratitude for these moments is the only thing you can really do in the face of certain eventualities.  He points out that most of the people around him now weren't there at the beginning and weren't around even a couple of years ago, but others were.  And it's ok that people come into this when they need to and then leave, even if, sometimes, it's really hard on the person that stays.   DJ also points out that the only way to track the evolution of the beard is on The Top Twenty.  #shamelessplug

DJ (and the chat) seem to have an issue with mustard. He discusses his torrid history with the condiment but also manages to school the BOX with some newly discovered Mozart.  Yes, "that" Mozart.  The "Hard Rock Classical Lunch Box" has a nice ring to it.

How to get on StrangerhoodTV, hitting the sides (all the time), why balls are still funny and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

Sadly, despite paying full royalties on the BOX, the RIAA "antipiracy" department has rules against using copyrighted material without permission on the podcast replay, so you won't hear anything except direct submissions here, but you can still catch all the music from the show when the BOX runs live, Thursdays at noon on


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