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Feb 28, 2021

This week on the BOX...

DJ enjoys being part of the chat, helping out his friends and hating on vegan cream cheese.  (And if you don't think those things are related, you haven't been listening to the BOX enough.)  DJ had a great time hanging out in the chat for The After Hours interview of Craving Strange last night.  He says how much he worries about "overstaying" his welcome whenever he's a guest in a public forum like that, but points out that it's an important part of supporting other bands saying that people tend not to remember just the content, but whether or not they had a really good time.  And that's the take away he's shooting for.  Also, DJ says that if you're a vegan but you like cream cheese enough to eat "vegan cream cheese", you should probably reconsider your initial stance here, because eating the "fake stuff" is really not where you want to be headed, especially if you're trying to do right by your own body.  #foodforthought.

DJ also talks about why the "greatest shows" to bands aren't always what people think would constitute as "greatest" - at all.  He references Jimmy G's "greatest show" story from last night's interview and tries to put it in the context of the arguably other great shows Craving Strange has done.  He then goes on to tell one of his "greatest show" moments, which is still probably only great to him - and that's good enough.  Also, "Ashes" still isn't out.

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