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Apr 10, 2021

This week on the BOX...

DJ is better.  And alive.  And in the spirit of Easter, immediately compares his plight last week to that of Jesus. He talks a little about applied kinesiology and how it relates to his post-deathbed trip to Uncle Giuseppe's along with a list of foods he thinks would be bad to throw up. He also has some Spotify opinions.  He thinks there ought to be an incognito mode for the streaming service so that you can listen to something off the beaten path without it messing up your Discover Weekly.  He goes on to blame the Allman Brothers Band for the Grateful Dead showing up on his doorstep this week but also spends some time debating himself on the issue, and decides that maybe his own initial idea isn't actually a good one.  (Way to take a stand, my dude.) 

DJ talks a little about what's going on in the world and urges his listeners to include some international news in their daily diet.  He also spends a good amount of time talking about his love of Candlebox, Stone Temple Pilots and Kix and where they all fit in his musical landscape and why they are all so damn important to him.

The trouble with older music genres, parasites vs. bad mayonnaise, "Hey Alexa, play 99WN" and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

Sadly, despite paying full royalties on the BOX, the RIAA "antipiracy" department has rules against using copyrighted material without permission on the podcast replay, so you won't hear anything except direct submissions here, but you can still catch all the music from the show when the BOX runs live, Thursdays at noon on


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