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Apr 17, 2021

This week on the BOX...

DJ has a lot to say about working in post-Covid America.  He notes that companies are starting to charge more for everything as the world begins to step out of the woods, and while he understands that companies have a lot of ground to make up, the country still hasn't figured out that you can't keep raising prices on things if you refuse to raise wages that people can earn.  And pricing people out of the ability to afford to live is stupid, shortsighted and not even remotely the only dumb thing that companies are doing.  Our host shares a real-life story about his grandfather and how it was that employers and employees really excelled when both sides adhered to their social contract.  But points out that neither side is holding up their end anymore and that's why everything always seems to suck at most day jobs.  And he's worried that people are simply "not smart enough" to understand this stuff, and they really should be quite ashamed of themselves for that.  Also the house lights are off at the BOX and DJ isn't entirely sure it's even Thursday.

DJ talks a little about some REVEL 9 news, and a problem he's having trying to navigate things currently on the table in front of him.  He truly doesn't know what to do and leans on the BOX chat (#teamuppity) for advice

A Life of public service, being a hit in the amnesia community, potential deodorant stains and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

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