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Jun 13, 2021

DJ got to see himself on video this week ...and it ain't good.  He stops short of blaming the chat for it, but does think that someone should have let him know just how disgusting he's been getting lately.  That, however, doesn't stop him from telling us his most (recent) disgusting 'eating while driving' story.  We won't ruin it for you here, but it involves the phrases "smokehouse almonds", "cake hand" and "mouth bath".  DJ also has a lot to say about his beloved HERricanes! 

DJ has some kind words for All Time Low, Green Day and Sum 41 and talks about how great it is when lyrics hit you just the right way.  He also talks about not knowing if some new songs on his radar are actually new or just new to him, and then regales us with tales of NUTUYUs past while promising to start them back up again... if he can find a place to do it.

What you need to know about new voting laws "A Warm Wind", PopPunk Takeout and MORE!

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