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Jun 20, 2021

DJ talks about why bands are just so damn desperate for attention. And why they have to be.  He talks about the kinds of attention there are, and which kinds tend to find their way to unsigned bands.  He also discusses the differences in the way some musicians handle that attention; how some crave it above all else, and others tend to shy away from it whenever possible, while still realizing the necessity of the beast.  He also has the BOX close their eyes and see if they can picture which - and where -  Americans are not helping out, but yet still complain about everything.  He assumes everybody is correct.

DJ is apparently "not" a Deftones fan despite every indication to the contrary.  He's also not a fan of New Jersey being ranked the #1 state by "wallethub" - or anybody, for that matter - but he does have some fond recollections of covering BBS's "Garden State Prison".  He also has some choice words about today's Supreme Court decision.

Willing to throw in Florida if you'll take Kentucky, why DJ doesn't want a dong shadow on his face, Steven Seagal hits 20,000 plays and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

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