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Hard Rock Lunch Box: #316 [09/26/2019] Music from ADTR, Craving Strange, Hot Mulligan and MORE...

Sep 28, 2019

This week on the BOX...   

We've been having 'mad' technical difficulties here on the BOX (hence no podcast replays for weeks)  ...and they are STILL happening, but at least we've got some BOX for ya!

DJ complains about people on social media - shocker, i know.  He targets people that are "too stupid" to realize...

Hard Rock Lunch Box: #313 [09/05/2019] Music from ADTR, Sweet Tooth, Hover, TheCityIsOurs, Dynamite Hack, A Day To Remember, Aurin, Dino Skatepark, Alpha Zero Three, MeMyOwnSelf, Craving Strange and MORE!

Sep 6, 2019

This week on the BOX...   

DJ has a lot to say about "Emily Doe", why she should matter so much, and what the whole thing actually says about "us" as a "people".  <- barely.

He ties in the NY Times article, and upcoming memoir, into how he views the world as the parent of a daughter.  He's, frankly, disgusted by the...