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Jun 26, 2021

DJ has been incensed - once again - by a meme on facebook... and no one on the BOX is even remotely surprised.  Our host goes on a tirade about how the "rich and powerful" in this country are never going to do something in your best interest - unless it happens to align with theirs.  But no one with money,...

Jun 20, 2021

DJ talks about why bands are just so damn desperate for attention. And why they have to be.  He talks about the kinds of attention there are, and which kinds tend to find their way to unsigned bands.  He also discusses the differences in the way some musicians handle that attention; how some crave it above all else, and...

Jun 13, 2021

DJ got to see himself on video this week ...and it ain't good.  He stops short of blaming the chat for it, but does think that someone should have let him know just how disgusting he's been getting lately.  That, however, doesn't stop him from telling us his most (recent) disgusting 'eating while driving' story.  We...

Jun 5, 2021

DJ points out that we have 8 billion people on the planet; not all of them are "keepers", but first... the BOX is getting a 2nd camera angle!  Despite the fact that no one asked for, or even wanted, a 2-camera shoot for The Top Twenty, our host decides to embrace technology in an effort to look less like a bag of sh*t. ...