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Jul 31, 2021

DJ wonders if you're off your game every week, is that just your new game?  The big man is tired and underslept - again - but still made it to the gym this morning.  He says how much he enjoys practically being asleep for half of his cardio workout, and why habits you can keep in the morning tend to me more successful. ...

Jul 24, 2021

DJ wonders if you have to tell someone that you're a 'good person', are you? And then proceeds to dive deep into some R9, and local scene, history for some context into why he's so tripped up by a recent comment someone has made to him.  He also manages to backstory the whole conversation and cites a recent article...

Jul 17, 2021

DJ is now physically closer to the BOX but is still late, although, not supremely.  With neither tomatoes nor sour cream in tow, our unsupreme leader pines away for his lost soft taco supreme or yesteryear while managing to over-complain about the hard taco supreme - that any child soldier in Uganda would probably kill...

Jul 10, 2021

DJ wants to know who in NY could actually live on $15K a year, but first...  DJ is quite underslept, again, and it shows throughout the BOX.  He manages to get in some rambling about the new Craving Strange non-promotion promotion and is going to keep an eye on it just to see how it goes even just as a social networking...

Jul 3, 2021

A semblance of normalcy has returned to the BOX and DJ has finally made it back to the gym.  But not without issue!  Our host walks us through how his social anxiety works, in general, and specifically as it pertains to things in a post-COVID world.  Despite being "averagely" smart and a good "understanderer", he is...