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May 31, 2018

This week on the BOX...  DJ is kinda ok.  He lays out what he wants to talk about and then proceeds to talk about other stuff.  #nobounds!

He gives his 2 cents (more like $3.50) in regards to last week's summit/workshop on the "State of the Long Island Music Scene" and just how much a waste of time and irrelevant it was.  He talks about what disasters "fan grabs" can be and why building a better "product" sometimes limits you in terms of who can work with.  He laments that more bands aren't willing to step out of they're comfort zone and work with him - not like he's the "be all, end all" of anything, but still, he's trying!  He recognizes and compliments the good work of others and is watching to see what they'll do next, and he's anxious AF about the show/tv pilot they are taping tonight... and that's not good at all!


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