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Sep 6, 2018

This week on the BOX...  the State of the REVEL Record.

DJ talks about the "slower than he wanted" progress of the R9 record, but takes 50-90% of the blame for it.  He talks about the importance of taking the time to do things "right" and laments that more bands around here can't, don't and/or won't do that.  He's also guessing that we're looking at a Spring 2019 release, and that's just too far from now. 

He talks about how awful the "What's Going On" segment is on his local News12 and how not only do they NOT cover stuff that would be important to a lot of people they are trying to reach, even when they DO cover something of interest, they get it wrong or incomplete anyway.  And also no one cares that you're at Puff Diddy-Dickwad's Hamptons party.  Try and remember that you'd never be invited there if you weren't "the news" <- and we can't "quote" that enough.

Upcoming show information, Andy has superpowers, "F*" the Supreme Court and MORE!  

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