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Jul 24, 2021

DJ wonders if you have to tell someone that you're a 'good person', are you? And then proceeds to dive deep into some R9, and local scene, history for some context into why he's so tripped up by a recent comment someone has made to him.  He also manages to backstory the whole conversation and cites a recent article out of Alabama about a doctor dealing with end-stage COVID patients as the root cause.  Despite getting a good amount of sh*t for the article, he still thinks it's important and worth everyone's time to read. He also has a lot to say about misinformation and its recurrent place in history citing how at one time "the world is round" was misinformation as well as was "it's the fault of the Jews."  But he advises you to look at the sources of that "information" and points out that you'd do better to accept misinformation as "new ideas" when it comes from scholars and thinkers than you would when it comes from politicians or other people with clear and obvious agendas.

DJ also talks about how great "The Nation" is, especially the long-standing staff writers and why, despite the ridiculous "fake news" outbreak of the last 5 years, the fourth estate is so damn important in general, and very much so now.  He reads an article from the publication about our newest spaceman and how Jeff Bezos has been able to pull off so much accounting/tax-loophole/rich guy bullsh*t that not only does he regularly not pay income tax, he even qualified for a $4000 child tax credit for his kids - and if everyone isn't ready to burn it all down after hearing that, then DJ doesn't think they ever will be.

Why penises inside other penises in space is funny, why the Treaty of Versailles was such a bad idea, DJs horrendous general appearance - even on radio -  and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

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