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Jul 31, 2021

DJ wonders if you're off your game every week, is that just your new game?  The big man is tired and underslept - again - but still made it to the gym this morning.  He says how much he enjoys practically being asleep for half of his cardio workout, and why habits you can keep in the morning tend to me more successful.  He has a lot to say about the role of "common sense" in any conversation, and how that needs to apply more than ever, these days.  He asks the audience to ask themselves if it's more likely that Capitol Hill Police Officers were reading from a "script" that Nancy Pelosi wrote for them, or were they just reading from prepared statements - like every single other person he's ever seen testify before Congress does?  He urges people to not think what he thinks just because he says something, but rather to run it past their own "gut" and see what their own logics tells them makes sense.  He touches on the passing of so many musicians this week, especially Dusty Hill, and laments the necessarily darker world that remains once these specific points of light burn out.

DJ also talks about the difference between being a great band and at the point where "magic" happens.  He cites Fuel and Alice In Chains as prime examples of both.  He also reminds us (and himself) about the time he was in Jackknife Stiletto and suggests the things he would do differently and the things he would absolutely do again.  He reads off some (very cool) Olympic gymnastics news and points out that despite what people think, some of the best music ever created is still being created right now.

How conversations work, why the "Community" theme song is an example of fantastic producing, what would REVEL 9 look like if they replaced DJ -  and MORE!

 This ain't your mom's lunchbox.  

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