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Jul 29, 2023

This week, DJ’s brain does what it wants.

Also on today’s show: a humble apology, learning left and right, winning the birthplace lottery, removing the label, NOAA’s hottest month, rural America’s fears, UFO hearings and MORE!

This ain’t your mom’s lunch box. #onthebox

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Jul 22, 2023

This week, DJ learns Indiana isn’t north of here and 2 + 2 = 5?

Also on today’s show: Revel 9 news, foolish impressions, conversation enders, overnight sensations, a Noodle story, on Wednesdays we go to local shows, celebrating She Sells Smiles and MORE!

This ain’t your mom’s lunch box. #onthebox

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Jul 8, 2023

This week, DJ learns making it “perfect” …never matters.

Also on today’s show: taking pride in how dumb you are, California’s diversity line-up, quality of service when they like the material, Side Out Surprise, megaphone interviews, Doorman Dave’s Elevated Opinion, redeploying British Rock and MORE!


Jul 1, 2023

This week, DJ wants you to know there’s literally a word... figuratively.

Also on today’s show: fixating at 4:30am, abusing commas, upcoming REVEL 9 releases, Sotomayor’s dissent, fun with medleys, PSA for Jeremy McKinnon and Johnny Rzeznik, Release Radar finds and MORE!

This ain’t your mom’s lunch box....